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  • Date: Tue, 8 May 2007 06:14:19 +1200

Hey, merci beaucoup for the compliment Nicolas! And thanks again for all your 
work, which I did not understand at all! I am really itching to try out the new 
version, can't wait to use the unlimited iterations on some attractors I found 
that simply will not develop fully at max iterations; and all the other 
wonderful stuff that you are putting in, all for our free use and enjoyment.
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  Hi everyone,

  first of all congratulations to Charles (or Marjo?) for the picture on 
  deviantart. I really like the way you seemingly stitched both attractors 
  together. The Moon rays in the water are also a very nice touch.

  Now then, for a very much overdue development update:

  I built myself a new machine, it's a 2.4Ghz Core Duo with 2Gb of RAM. 
  One of the first things I did once it was up and running was to update 
  the rendering engine and make it dual-threaded: One thread computes the 
  attractor equation while the other plots the result. We only get 100% 
  CPU usage when both tasks take roughly the same amount of cycle to 
  complete which is rarely the case. I haven't precisely measured the 
  average gain but I estimate it at 30~40%. Of course Chaoscope detects 
  the number of available cores or CPUs and uses the standard single 
  threaded render on single core CPUs. Batch Processing will keep on using 
  the single threaded render but will automatically launch as many renders 
  at the same time as there are cores/CPUs.
  I've also progressed on the perspective front, it is now working for the 
  Solid mode which I thought would be much more of a headache. It's not 
  yet perfect and need more work. It's one of these features no user ever 
  requested whilst taking a huge amount of time to develop!
  I can't remember if I've mentioned the fact I've implemented caching? 
  It's working but interestingly some equations won't benefit from it. 
  That's how costly a memory write can be on modern PCs, a simple equation 
    will run faster than writing twelve bytes in RAM. I expect this to 
  depend on the machine architecture so it will have to be profiled on a 
  ad hoc basis whereby caching will be enabled only if it increases render 
  speed. Of course caching is a very big improvement for animation of 
  fixed attractors (if you change a parameter you simply lose the cache) 
  and the slower the equation the bigger the improvement. I'm sure you'll 
  enjoy it Tom. ;-) I've also found out that sorting the points spatially 
  increases render speed further although this is only beneficial to long 
  animations of fixed attractors.

  Kind regards,

  Nicolas Desprez
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