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  • From: Michelle Konzack <wfw.mailinglists@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 19 May 2001 18:05:56 +0200

Hello John, 

Am 13:43 18.05.2001 -0400 haben John geschrieben:
>> I do not give a rat's *** (Edited Vulgarity) about the flaming GUI.
>> less actual) GUI UNDER LINUX!
>As far as your success with linux, if the last version you experienced was
>RH 5.0 I suggest you try 6.2 before making anymore comments on linux since
>it has grown immensly since then.  I am sorry if you can not figure out how
>to use linux but the sad thing is DOS that you are so fond of in this
>message is a hock off of the Unix prompt in many ways...  Linux is easy to
>use, my 11 year old cousin uses it with little or no problems and I pitty

Thats nice, because for some Month I have selled a AMD K6/200 as Server 
and 8 Am486dx2/66 to a Kindergarden and ALL with Debian/GNU-Linux 2.1r3. 

The Childern love the Computer and it is the first touch with it. 
It was a private Kindergarden and they have not enough money for the Big 
Blown MS-Crap for around 14.000 US$ (30.000 DM). 

I have a fvwm95 at startup and installed around 80 Linux-Games, 
a Graphic Program and a easy to use Wordprocessor.

The Childern don't care about the english language in the Windows 
becaus they know how to klick ;-)) 

>stable.  The only areas linux lacks at this time is web browser, NS and
>Opera available, I prefer IE so Im not happy there, and it has some graphics

I sugest you to try Communicator 6.0  ;-))

>least weekly where as unix web server can run with out problems for years on

Not only UNIX-Servers because I know some LINUX-Server 
which have an uptime of more then 700 days already...

>Lets make one more comparison, if today you looked at Windows 1.0 or 2.0
>what would you think of it?  your impression would not be that good
>especially if at the time there was another GUI system much better such as
>linux...  You can not base your opinion on RH 5.0, you need to at least look
>at RH 6.2 first because it has turned into a whole new wonderful world....

100% right !

>(Agrees with Brian...  Alan needs a MAC)

Have a nice Weekend


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