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  • Date: Sat, 19 May 2001 17:56:18 +0200

Am 19:21 18.05.2001 +0200 hat Erwin Dokter geschrieben:
>Brian L. Johnson wrote:
>> On May 18, Erwin Dokter directed electrons to calmira_tips@xxxxxxxxxxxxx:


>OK, now I'm back to being more confused then I had wanted... :)
>You seem quite the expert. I suprises me you work as a prep-cook instead
>of as a unix admin, they make TRUCKLOADS of money! In fact, here's what
>I'm gonna do... I want Linux. I want to start simple. I'm used to
>windows (duh) so I want to start with a simple desktop. However, I
>started out in DOS, so I'm not afraid of a command line :)

Try to start with Debian/GNU-Linux 2.2r2 or 
better the NEW VERSION of it called Woody.

Install the Base and you can start to learn Linux. Now you can install 
'mc' (Midnight Commande a Norton-Commander Clome but more powerful), 
then 'less' and gpm (General purpuse Mouse Interface).

Requires:       486dx50, 70 MByte diskspace and 16 MByte Ram

>Which linux/wm/desktop should I start with? It should be able to run on
>my P133 with 32 MB (including X + wm), so not too much bloat please.
>Should be cheap too! :) I am not interested in the latest kernel; I
>believe many apps still run on older kernels, right? Netscape will be my
>main app.

Now you can install the X-Server and StarOffice 5.2 because SO contains 
a simpel WindowManager and it is very easy to use for a Office-Work-

Now Install Netscape Communicator 6.0.

Requires:       Pentuium 200, 450 MByte diskspace and 32 MByte Ram SWAP

Partition-Example for a used Conner CFS850A

        hda1    560 MB          /
        hda2     64 MB          swap
        hda3     64 MB          /tmp
        hda4    128 MB          /home

        This is enough for beginning Linux.
        You can get cheep 850 MB Harddisks at http://www.ebay.com/

Note:   I have three dotzend of Conner CFS 850 A because I use several 
        OS for TRY-OUT and development and I use IDE-Racks to change 
        the Harddisks like:     1)      MS-Dos with DJGPP
                                2)      WfW 3.11 + Calmira II
                                3)      Debian/GNU-Linux 2.2r2
                                4)      SCO-Unix
                                5)      Win95
                                6)      BeOS
                                7)      RedHat 7.1
                                8)      SuSE 6.0
                                9)      WfW 3.11 + VB4, BCC4 and Delphi 1
                               10)      DR-Dos 7.03
                               11)      Windows eNTe 4.0

        And I run 4 Workstations at the same time with a Data-Switch for 

>If this goes well... I should have Kylix in a year and start porting
>Calmira :)

Curently I am learning how to program a WindowManager with Calmira-Desk 
for DOS and Linux ;-)))

cal4dos.exe and cal4lin.bin


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