<CT> Re: Microsoft discontinuing support for Win3

  • From: Michelle Konzack <wfw.mailinglists@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 19 May 2001 18:38:18 +0200

Am 20:38 18.05.2001 -0500 hat Greg Fundyler geschrieben:
>In DOS, try burning a cd, surfing the web, and e-mailing, all at once.
>What are you typing this e-mail in? Not DOS...
>- Greg


1)      cdrecord.exe works fine with ma TEAC CD-R55S    ;-))
2)      surfing the Web works like the heaven wit Arachne  8<O
3)      get and send E-Mail with popdump.exe        =:()
4)      read and write E-Mails with pcpine   :-P
5)      telnet.exe 
6)      pcnfsd 
7)      boa.exe (Web-Server)
8)      ftpd.exe (FTP-Server)
9)      GUI for Dos ???         Oh yes, it's SEAL !!!

10)     Multitasking ???   Try DR-Dos 7.03 or the free version OpenDos 7.01

        All I need is here.     ;-))

And If I get my new Dynamic-DNS running (curently I need money to renew 
my Domain's and pay the DNS-Service) I will have the following Hosts in 
my Domain:


Have a nice Weekend

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