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In DOS, try burning a cd, surfing the web, and e-mailing, all at once.
What are you typing this e-mail in? Not DOS...

- Greg

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> As to ease of use, I admit that was once an issue, but nowadays Linux
> with X is actually easier to use than Windows, and it's getting

IT STILL CAN'T BE COMPARED WITH DOS!!! (DOS is many orders of magnitude

> However, I don't think there's anything in the world wrong with having
> to think about your computer and understand what's going on with it
> why. 

Yes and no.
While the accessability of linux can be praised, the workload it places
on the user is much too great. It should be more automated... OOPS!! Its
too complex to be autometed. ;)

>Knowledge is good, embrace it. :)


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