<CT> Re: Microsoft discontinuing support for Win3

  • From: "John" <spyder@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <calmira_tips@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 18 May 2001 13:43:44 -0400

> I do not give a rat's *** (Edited Vulgarity) about the flaming GUI.
> less actual) GUI UNDER LINUX!

As far as your success with linux, if the last version you experienced was
RH 5.0 I suggest you try 6.2 before making anymore comments on linux since
it has grown immensly since then.  I am sorry if you can not figure out how
to use linux but the sad thing is DOS that you are so fond of in this
message is a hock off of the Unix prompt in many ways...  Linux is easy to
use, my 11 year old cousin uses it with little or no problems and I pitty
you if you do not have the ability to understand it because linux has become
easier to use than windows in many ways and is certainly more powerful and
stable.  The only areas linux lacks at this time is web browser, NS and
Opera available, I prefer IE so Im not happy there, and it has some graphics
tools but windows has more powerful tools available.  This in large is due
to the fact that there are not many IDE's available for programming yet,
used to all be C/C++ now Delphi has introduced Kylix and I am sure more will

If you really believe DOS is so much better something is wrong because DOS
is a flaky unreliable single tasking OS that truely is the reason Windows is
so unstable.  NT is much more reliable than Win3X and 9x why do you think M$
is getting rid of DOS, they know that is their major down fault at the time
for stability and of course Microsoft is doing another hack job and well I
think XP will be turning more people towards Linux....NT based windows is
still less reliable than linux for one NT web servers need to be rebooted at
least weekly where as unix web server can run with out problems for years on

Lets make one more comparison, if today you looked at Windows 1.0 or 2.0
what would you think of it?  your impression would not be that good
especially if at the time there was another GUI system much better such as
linux...  You can not base your opinion on RH 5.0, you need to at least look
at RH 6.2 first because it has turned into a whole new wonderful world....

One last note, there is nothing wrong with having an opinion and believing
in it but this is a civilized list and I personally do not see a need for
the yelling, screaming, and vulgar language to get your point across....

(Agrees with Brian...  Alan needs a MAC)

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