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  • Date: Sat, 19 May 2001 17:35:38 +0200

Am 12:23 18.05.2001 -0400 haben Alan Grimes geschrieben:
>Brian L. Johnson wrote:
>> >Linux is the evil operating system from the 70's. =(
>> * Linux was not around in the 1970s. It was invented in 1991
>It was cloned from Minix which was cloned from Unix proper (version 7)
>which did indeed come from the '70s. =( 

The first Linux Version was developed by Linus Torwalds in 1978.

>I don't care because the system that makes it modular is too difficult
>to use. (The most recient Linux I had any measure of success with was
>Rednux Lihat 5.0.)

Version 5.0 is outdated.
Try 7.1 and it will work for you. ;-))

>I know what a window manager is. 
>It isn't like I havn't made an honest effort at learning it before
>declaring it a nightmare.

Why ???

>I once did that on a sparcstation 5 back in '96... Not that I ever knew
>much about that OS.

Try it again with a simpel Pentium 200 and Redhat 7.1  ;-))

I have a small solaris here with SCO and I 
think Brian and me know what we talk about.

>I have yet to see that kind of performance under linux on my machine. 
>Netscape crashed and decoupled under linux frequently. =\
>That is after a great deal of pain and greif getting netscape downloaded
>because the file name was 40 charactors long with spaces...

Never I have seen a Netscape TGZ file with spaces in its filename.
I like to know where you have gotten this Netscape-File

>IT STILL CAN'T BE COMPARED WITH DOS!!! (DOS is many orders of magnitude

Sorry, but I develop under DOS, Allegro and Watt-32 with DJGPP 
and now I am developing unde Linux which is 1.000.000 times 
more eficient, stabel and better to use as Dos. 

Iam working since 1983 with DOS and I was programming the 8086 and up...

>Yes and no.
>While the accessability of linux can be praised, the workload it places
>on the user is much too great. It should be more automated... OOPS!! Its
>too complex to be autometed. ;)

What must be automated ???
If you install the Base of Debian/GNU-Linux it will work perfectly. 
I was using EMACS under DOS and now under Linux... no big difference.

What is automated under Dos ???
Try to setup the Packet-Driver and a wattcp.cfg... good luck !!!

Under Linux I have installed my 3c509B (10MBit) or 3c905B (100 MBit) 
and it was working immediatly.

>>Knowledge is good, embrace it. :)


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