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Yes, that's the one. It seems that the text portion has 164 pages, that's  
the page count word and my BrailleNote gave me for the part without the 
front  matter but Amazon.com says it should have 176 so I'm not sure what the  
inconsistency is related to. The book scanned great, no duplications or  
omissions so I don't know if I should just insert page numbers at the top of  
each page even though it'll come out shorter than it supposedly should be or 
if  we could/should go through and see what each page starts with. 
    I'm new at this, especially the page number policy,  so just tell me 
what I should do. Oh, can you do me two favors? Can  you tell me what was on 
the title page, they told me I needed to insert one  before the copyright 
when I tried to submit it this morning, how many Roman  Numerals there are and 
how many pages? I want to make sure I get the title page  right and maybe 
Amazon got the page count wrong. Thanks! 
    I loved this book, I have to say. I was surprised  and had just gotten 
it thinking it'd be an easy read, but I really enjoyed  it.
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I think I scanned the book you are referring to,  if it's Halloween Rain.  
I have the book if there are any problems.   I submitted it before BKS's 
page number policy.
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