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Hi again Megan.
Actually, I've found that page numbers are very important in proofreading a 

I don't move them, if they are at the bottom I leave them at the bottom, if 
they are at the top I leave them at the top. I think some folks prefer them at 
the top but that seems to me to be tampering with the book's original content 
and I don't do it.

But, if page numbers are present you can tell whether or not a page has been 
skipped or duplicated. 

I use Kurzweil to do most of my editing. The first thing I do is determine 
where the real page 1 is: after all the front matter. Then I set Kurzweil to 
recognize this as page 1.  Then I go to the last page, at least the last page 
with a page number and see if Kurzweil has the same page count. If so, then 
you're lucky. If not that means there are missing pages or duplicated pages. 
Sometimes someone will scan a book in two page mode. In that case there will be 
page numbers without corresponding page breaks. Usually it's two pages between 
page breaks. Then you have to go through and put a page break where the new 
pages are. I hate doing that because it's grunt work and can take a long time.

Anyway, you see why I consider page numbers important? 

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  Hi everyone. I'm just wondering where I put the page numbers when I'm 
proofreading a book, at the top or the bottom? And, since I don't have the 
original book to go buy, do I just start at 1 where the actual text goes and 
just assume each pagebreak is where it should be and go forward from there? 

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