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Well, I just got back from a vacation, so I will check and repl in more detail. 
 However, while I was away, a book called PLAYLAND was approved by BookShare. 
That book has about 486 actual pages, beginning at 1 and going to 486.  The 
book on BookShare contains less than 400 pages. I have not checked the Daisy 
pages, but I will.  Meanwhile, you might want to check how a book with almost 
500 pages contains less than 400 in the Braille format.  I will get back 
tomorrow with more info.--- Original Message ----- 
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  Hello DR Cross,

  I'm going to respond to the question you brought up regarding this particular 
book.  I'll send off another message that deals specifically with some of the 
braille page number issues that have been reported.

  Having examined and compared both the DAISY and the braille file generated by 
the Bookshare tools after it was validated, I've determined that the book 
contains exactly 546 pages as your original did.  Yes, Kurzweil does report 
that the book has 556 pages instead of 546 as you surmise.  But, you have 
forgotten to discount the preliminary pages in your analysis.  The first 9 or 
ten pages are the roman pages that contain the copyright notice, contents, 
acknowledgements, etc.  the DAISY file is perfectly marked up with the page 
numbers properly tagged.  In a tool that supports page navigation, you would be 
able to navigate by using its facility.  Kurzweil 1000 does not recognize DAISY 
page numbers at this time marked up by Bookshare tools.

  As I'll report more with other braille tests, the braille likewise has the 
pages marked and contains 546 pages with preliminary  pages marked properly.

  HTH. Let me know if you have any questions.



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  I submitted No Gifts From Chance, by Benstock, but you might be interested in 
the following. The book itself and the submission contained 546 pages.  The RTF 
submission contains 644 pages. The daisy file, by the way, contains 558 pages.  
Now how do I know what page I'm really on?

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