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Hi Marilyn-

Our tutors use the library in a pattern similar to yours regarding the vetting, 
payment and meeting spaces.  This also covers OT specialists.  And yes, we do 
have student support of various kinds that uses the library both as a back-up 
location and a scheduled one.   We do not have special tutoring spaces in the 
library, however.

Best wishes,

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Dear Rachel,

When we designed our library about 9-10 years ago, we included 2 tutoring rooms 
in the plans, as it feels like library resources augment the work of teaching 
and learning that happens during tutoring sessions.  Our tutors are hired by 
the school as contractors, and are vetted by the administration.  The school 
coordinates the schedules, but parents pay.  I believe the billing may go 
through the school's business office.  In other words, we look at our tutors as 
an integral part of our community.  We don't encourage families to hire tutors 
to meet with kids on their own.   The school also has a policy regarding our  
own teachers tutoring our students -- this has happened especially with 
language teachers and some math specialists.

We currently have about four tutors who work with our elementary and middle 
school students before, during and after school.  They do meet in the library 
tutoring spaces, conference rooms, or in the library proper if space is needed 
and we don't have classes.

best, marilyn

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Hi BAISL Community,

Many of our students utilize the services of private tutors. The tutors come to 
Bay and work with their client during the students' free block during the 
school day. Sometimes I have 4 or 5 tutors in the library at one time. I wanted 
to find out from you all if this is a common scenario and what types of systems 
your school has in place to monitor this.

-          Do tutors use your library space? How many? How often?
-          Does your school have any type of policy related to tutors and 
school (or library) space?

Thank you!



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