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We welcome tutors in the Library, but they have to be cleared by our Academic 
Dean beforehand. At most, we have about five regular tutors that are here 
several days a week (two of them are former teachers!), and we have four tables 
that are informally designated for them. It's never been disruptive and I feel 
that it's a convenience for our students to be able to meet during their free 
period, lunch, after school, whenever they need it.

Lori Deibel, Librarian
The Branson School
(415) 455-7133

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Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2014 10:23:09 -0700
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Subject: [baisl] Tutors in the Library

Hi BAISL Community,

Many of our students utilize the services of private tutors. The tutors come to 
Bay and work with their client during the students’ free block during the 
school day. Sometimes I have 4 or 5 tutors in the library at one time. I wanted 
to find out from you all if this is a common scenario and what types of systems 
your school has in place to monitor this.

-          Do tutors use your library space? How many? How often?

-          Does your school have any type of policy related to tutors and 
school (or library) space?

Thank you!



Rachel Shaw
The Bay School of San Francisco
35 Keyes Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94129
Office: 415-561-5800, x112

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