[argyllcms] Re: Can anyone help with a weird OSX problem?

  • From: Quartz <quartz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2014 16:19:01 -0400

Makes sense. If your display profile says your blue primary is quite
cool (more towards green in the spectrum than towards violet),

I think that's an OK description.... it's definitely sticking out away from the violet corner, but pulled back towards the green.

Here are two images comparing it to sRGB and AdobeRGB. My display's plot is the white skeleton outline, and you can see how blue (and to a lesser extent yellow) are sticking out.


Out of curiosity,
can you send me the display profile? (or alternatively upload it
somewhere and post a link)


This is one of the last profiles I created, using dispcalGUI+argyle (and the profile the above pictures are based on). Since I've been messing with options trying to figure things out, I don't 100% remember what I set to create this, other than I'm pretty sure it's a 3-curve matrix with native white point.

What's weird is that the color shift issue doesn't seem to affect OSs
running on the same hardware. It's like there's some sort of mapping
error within the OSX 10.6 colorsync subsystem or something.

Are you talking about non-Mac OS X systems?

Both. OSX 10.5 Leopard was still using Apple's "old" style of color management (default 1.8 gamma and all that). 10.6 Snow Leopard was the first to use the new/modern style. Something changed during that redesign. It's possible I wasn't doing something right when testing 10.5, I'd have to boot from another drive again to confirm. From what I read online, Photoshop under windows on the same hardware may not be affected either, but I haven't had time to test that personally.

What I was getting at is that I think it's a software issue rather than a busted screen/colorimeter.

[correction matrix]

Just to make sure I understand you correctly; a correction matrix would be specific to the colorimeter I'm using (so I couldn't just download one online), and in order to create one I'd need to get ahold of more hardware?

it has a certain smooth-brained appeal

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