[argyllcms] Re: Can anyone help with a weird OSX problem?

  • From: Florian Höch <lists+argyllcms@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2014 02:47:17 +0200

Am 26.07.2014 um 01:54 schrieb Quartz:
> It doesn't really poke out a whole lot. Those images were screenshots of 
> the OSX Colorsync utility. I can try taking a bunch and compiling them 
> into an animated gif or something if you think that would help. 
> (Although, since you already have the raw profile you can probably open 
> it in your own utility).

No, don't worry. I have the profile.

> I haven't tried any printing or converting images between colorspaces, 
> so I don't have any information on if that part is messed up or not. My 
> main issue is that, as presented on screen, "blue" has almost 40% red 
> mixed in yielding a strong purple cast that makes it very hard for me work.

What I was getting at, your i1D2 is not seeing what your eyes are
seeing, and that is where the purple cast is likely coming from.

>> I'd try these things (in order, and see if any of those improve things):
>> - Calibrate to native white point (&  profile)
> I'm already using a native white point, as the laptop moves around a lot 
> between different lighting setups.

The profile you posted definitely didn't, as the calibration curves

>> - Create a XYZ LUT + swapped matrix profile (with default settings)
>> instead of curves&  matrix
> As per my other email, there's an option here for XYZ LUT to use 
> perceptual mapping rather than colormetric... should I enable that?

At the moment I'd not bother.

>> If you want to replace the i1D2
>> with a better colorimeter
> Should I? I mean, if the i1d2 is just so old and out of date that it's 
> not useful anymore then yes, but I don't want to dump money into a newer 
> device if that won't really solve the problem.

Try other options first.

Florian Höch

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