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  • Date: Sat, 4 Feb 2006 13:24:42 -0600


[Mike Geary] P.S. Are you any kin to Irene Cassidy? Like, perhaps -- the same skin?

Sorry, nearly missed this, this list staggers in its volume. Who is Irene Cassidy? People get semi-dyslexic around my name and somehow read Dan Cassidy, but Cassidy is not my last name. Have now completely lost track of what this thread was about, but maybe a good thing. Sincerely, CD

Irene Cassidy is Andy Amago . It was a joke, an inside one.

How long have you been a list member? Some people lurk for years before surfacing, some never surface, some surface often, under various guises, some are so narcissistic that they assume their surfacing IS the list. I don't remember seeing any of your posts prior to a month or two ago. If new, Welcome. I'm the officially non-official Welcoming Agent. Were you named after Hopalong? Are you affiliated with any subversive organizations? -- like universities or the Democratic Party or Massachusetts? Do you believe in rock n roll? How about Hip Hop, Hopalong? (sorry) Where were you when Kennedy was killed? In your mother's dread? In Dallas? Is Rappahannock a name you gleaned from the Legend of Sleepy Hollow? Come clean, Cassidy. Etc. etc.

Mike Geary
nosy bastard

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