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Quoting Phil Enns <phil.enns@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

>but to quote
> the Philosopher, "It is the mark of an educated man to seek as much
> precision in things of a given genus as their nature allows."

Yes, the Philosopher (how did he ever come to deserve the name everybody knows
is reserved for Kant?) is right on that. Though if you could quote chapter and
verse, we would all appreciate it, I'm sure. Which, of course, is to say that
he's not wrong on that, if he actually said that. Right and wrong, like true
and false, do not admit of "qualitative precision." Nichts wahr? Where is that
fellow who lived in the Westphalia Folkswagen camper, anyway? 

Walter C. Okshevsky
(yes, that is I)
Department of Binary Opposition to Fuziness and Vagueness
Faculty of Cosmopolitan Rational Autonomy and Yiddish Food Preparation
Koenigsburg, Prussia, A1B 3X8

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