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The real question is, of course: What about cats in India?

We tend to think of cats and dogs as if they were cousins. One includes the 

I did not see a single cat in two weeks in India. The only feline I saw was a sort of wild cat in a national park. He sprinted ahead and stayed 40-60 feet away. I also saw tigers.

The curious thing is the way Indians react to cats: they are totally terrified of cats. It's hard to understate this. Indian friends won't come into my house because I have a cat. The ones who do, are very apprehensive about the cat (she is a very docile tabby); they look around, trying to see where it'll attack from. One Indian friend was sitting at the table and the cat jumped up; she shrieked and jumped away from the table.

Nearly all Indians tell me the same thing: they really don't like cats, and they're afraid of them. They think cats will attack them. Cats?

Okay, tigers kill about 150 people every year in India (see? some dogs may bite, but tigers are a real problem).

In my next post, I'll write about the bats in India. You think bats just mice with wings. Oh, no! Indian bats are the size of cats, with five-foot wingspans. We're talking serious bats. Baseball bats.


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