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We had several dogs trained by Dick Koehler.  He and his father were
authorities on dog training.  They say you need to establish yourself as the
alpha of the pack (aka, show the dogs you are boss).


The Dog Whisperer, Caesar Milan say you need to show the dog you are the
alpha of the pack (aka show the dog you are boss). 


Every trainer I've ever heard from says the same thing.


If you have a dominant dog, you had better prove to him that you're the boss
or you are in for big trouble.


Okay, let's hear how your opposing theory, i.e., showing the dog he is boss,
works better.  And let's hear who your authorities are.




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> People are reacting to Eric's comment, but I took him to be speaking

> figuratively.   His principle is valid.  An owner must show a dominant dog

> that he is boss or the dog will think he is. 


This "show 'em who's boss" theory used to be the idea in dog schools. 


But no longer. Professional dog trainers don't do this. 


By the way, it's no longer called "dog obedience school".





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