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People are reacting to Eric's comment, but I took him to be speaking
figuratively.   His principle is valid.  An owner must show a dominant dog
that he is boss or the dog will think he is.  I only had one dog that was in
that category and while the trainers said Susan and I should convince him we
were boss; no one suggested that we actually beat him.  Beating a dog would
make everything worse.  Most dogs I've had wouldn't dream of challenging us.
I mentioned Trooper as a very confident competent dog, but from the day we
brought him home, he never challenged either one of us.  And of course the
two we have now wouldn't dream of challenging us about anything, but if you
have a dominant dog, you had better figure out a way to show him you are
boss or you're going to be in trouble - and probably the dog will be as







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Paul Stone wrote:


"If you ever see a well behaved pit-bull terrier or a rotty, chances are

their owners DID kick their ass when they were younger, but still big."


We had a Rott/Shepherd mix that had come from a bad home.  The dog was

at its best when it felt that I was in control of the situation.  I

didn't have to kick its ass, and I am pretty sure that would have made

things worse, only make it clear that I was in charge of whatever

situation we were in.


This dog was excellent with our oldest daughter.  Katie would get a book

and plonk herself down between the front paws of the dog.  Imagine an

80lb Rott lying down and still towering over a toddler reading a book to

him.  The dog had a remarkable amount of patience for the curiosity of a

toddler.  When he tired of the abuse, he would slowly get up and hide in

another room.  I don't know if it is the breed or just this dog, but I

can't imagine a better mix of protection and family pet.





Phil Enns

Toronto, ON



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