[lit-ideas] Re: Can't have a gun? Get a dog

  • From: Robert Paul <rpaul@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 02 Jun 2006 21:56:43 -0700

Andreas Ramos wrote:

It used to be that animals were whipped into submission. But that's over.
dog obedience school = 2.9m results in Google

dog training school = 34.9m results in Google

'Obedience school/obedience training' is still a common expression even among those who believe that dogs should be trained by participating in Socratic dialogues. This is an interesting finding but there's a difference between, e.g. Schutzhund training and teaching a dog come when it's called, sit, stay, heel on a loose lead (or off lead), which is all most people want out of their dogs. So, I wonder if 'training' doesn't suggest real _training_, as with SAR dogs, drug-sniffing dogs, guide dogs, herding dogs, etc., and that such training is both more difficult and maybe more profitable than teaching 'the basics.'

Robert Paul
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