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http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/pariahdog.htm  states that these dogs:

Generally speaking, The Pariah, much like the wolves live in packs and scavenge in packs. Because of this they are highly territorial. The concept of having an owner or being owned is beyond their psyche.

From what I saw, the dogs weren't at all territorial. They couldn't care less what went in and out of their space.

* They don’t interact well with other dogs,

The dogs were all relaxed among each other.

and have strong “wild” instincts which may not be desirable around children.

The only thing they did was sleep.

The dog has not proven to be much of a “helper “to man as much as a scavenger.

They didn't scavenge. They didn't beg.

* Because of their lack of medical care they can be carriers of rabies and other canine diseases.

Well, any mammal carries diseases. Kids are far more likely to carry colds and other diseases.

Also a lot of their health problems may be engendered by widely shared nutritional deficiencies.

They looked quite healthy and clean to me.

* It is a high risk to introduce these dogs in the company of children because of the uncertainty that they may attack the child or make the child more vulnerable to disease.

Nonsense. They are very docile.

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