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<<Ketchup has WAY more sugar -- some has fructose, some sucrose -- to  be 
concerned about than salt.>>
When and how did catsup become ketchup?  My husband still pronounces  it 

<<It's just a question of timing. I can down a bevvie  in 10 seconds. It 
me about 5-10 minutes to cut and eat a grapefruit.  And dammit if my hands 
don't get all sticky -- where are those drawings of  that grapefruit glove I 
Who says it has to be cut?  and sticky?  I slice my  
grapefruit/oranges/tangeloes in half horizontally, use a spoon to dig out all  
the fruit AND membrane. 
 Then squeeze whatever remaining juice into a  cup.

>I think since grape juice is more concentrated than  grapes,

<<To me, grape juice tastes NOTHING like grapes. But then  again, my sour 
concept of grapes is those nice green killer grapes. I love  granny smith 
apples, and hard nectarines, and the skin of plums. I even eat  lemons like 
an orange. You get the picture. In short, I don't have a sweet  tooth, but I 
crave fruit.>>
I didn't know anyone DIDN'T eat the skin of plums.  I eat lemons too.  The 
best grapejuice I've ever had is when we had concord grape vines and we  picked 
them and put them through some sort of processor my Mom had (this was,  like 
30 years ago) and juiced them.  Pure grape juice w/ no water or  anything.  To 
this day I can taste it.  I eat black grapes and  concords by the ton.

How come no one has mentioned kiwi?  Mango (one  of my absolute personal 
favourites)?  Pomegranates?  Unsweetened pure  cranberry juice (none of that 
cocktail mixed with apple juice or something  crap)?
Julie Krueger

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