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Uh oh. Grapefruit juice: If you're taking any meds, especially any 
psychotropics, check about possible interactions. 

I'll say no more. It's time for another quart of iced decaf French roast with 
three jiggers of orange liqueur, half a cup of cream, and a chaser of Kahlua, 
in my dreams.


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  Not that anyone cares, but I've adoptde the habit of drinking roughly a half 
gallon of unsweetened grapefruit juice and a half gallon of ice green tea a day.

  I do nt want to see any studies on what that does to one.

  Julie Krueger

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  Kidney stones aren't bizarre, they're bloody painful. Mind you I was 
  drinking up to ten extremely strong mugs of Nescafe every day.

  I now content myself with a single medium latte once or twice a week when I 
  have lunch in Tavistock. Much more refined and I get served in the process.

  Other than that, I drink tea and lots of it.


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