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> >Actually, pink grapefruit juice, or pink grapefruit, is a source of
> >lycopene, although nowhere near as high in it as are concentrated
> >(spaghetti sauce, ketchup, etc., both of which are loaded with salt).
> Ketchup has WAY more sugar -- some has fructose, some sucrose -- to be 
> concerned about than salt.

I don't have regular ketchup on hand so I can't tell you what's on the
nutrition label, but my guess is the salt is the bigger problem, especially
since quantites of ketchup used are so small.  I have a Heinz's No Salt
Ketchup (it's good after you get used to it), and there's 4 grams of sugar,
a little under a teaspoon, per serving, which is one tablespoon.  That's
really not that much, about 12 calories worth, except it's 12 calories out
of a total of 20, so more than half the calories in one tablespoon are from
sugar.  But it's still 12 calories.  The bigger issue is that the sugar is
derived from corn, ADM's cash crop, and corn accounts for something like
40% of the calories of the U.S. food supply, most of it in the form of corn
syrup or high fructose corn syrup and animal feed.  Corn is an unnatural
feed for animals, so the meat is arguably not natural.  Sugar itself isn't
horrible, it's just that it's usually attached to fat and other empty
calories, and we eat so much of it.

For Judy, that site on the grapefruit and SSRI's is basically people giving
their opinion.  Many drugs raise blood pressure, but as far as I know, only
that one blood pressure medication is affected by grapefruit.  

Check this out:


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