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I know my husband isn't supposed to drink grapefruit juice because he takes  
lipitor and apparently the grapefruit juice interferes with its  
effectiveness.  I wonder if it interacts with zoloft, trazadone,  
librium.....I'll have to 
look into it.  I have a general idea what a  "psychotropic" is but I'm not 
sure what the specific requirements are to qualify  a medication as that.  Now 
have to do a bunch of research.  
Julie Krueger

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> I never heard anything about psychotropics.  

SSRIs. See (for  example)


>  psychotropics are a waste of time anyway.) 

You may never have needed to  take them, or you may
have taken them and found they didn't help: they  don't
work for everybody.

That's why I think lifestyle
>  is the answer (fruits, vegetables, vegetable
> protein, as little salt as  possible and exercise)
> and let the body stabilize itself; 

I  imagine it depends on how high the blood pressure

Judy Evans, Cardiff

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