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I forgot to mention my addiction to olives of all kinds (particularly  
kalamari and this amazing balsamic lemon infused oil cured black olive an  
international store sells here) and the deepest darkest profoundly high  
percentaged in 
cocoa level chocolate.
Juile Krueger

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Actually, pink grapefruit juice, or pink  grapefruit, is a source of
lycopene, although nowhere near as high in it as  are concentrated tomatoes
(spaghetti sauce, ketchup, etc., both of which are  loaded with salt). 
Eating the grapefruit, if you eat it with the white  membrane that surrounds
it, is also a source of pectin, a cholesterol-binding  fiber, and probably
other nutrients.  Oranges are the same way.   Most people throw the membrane
away.  The fruit is almost always better  than the juice, but juice is good
too.  I think since grape juice is  more concentrated than grapes, it might
be better, but in creating the juice,  the fiber is lost, so it trades off. 
Fiber is as important for heart disease  prevention as are any of the other
nutrients.  Personally, I think we  evolved eating fruit, not drinking
juice, so fruit is the way to go.   Juice is probably best diluted with
water, since it's high in sugar and  calories.  The body just doesn't need
that much.  I think the best  way to get the much-touted olive oil is to eat
olives.  Nature doesn't  grow anything in a bottle.  See ya later.  

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> >Julie,
> >Uh oh.  Grapefruit juice: If you're taking any meds, especially any 
>  >psychotropics, check about possible interactions.
> I used to  buy a bottle of unsweetened, yellow grapefruit juice almost
>  morning. I LOVE it. For some reason, every variety store around here has  
> stopped selling it. I cannot get a good bottle of grapefruit juice.  They 
> have this wussie, sweetened pink stuff, but that's not grapefruit  juice.
> want the stuff that makes you look like Waylan's Madam for  a few seconds. 
> I've gone back to having to work for my fix now --  actually eat a 
> grapefruit. I'll bet somebody in the meddling Canadian  government found
> about the interaction with drugs like Carol and  Andy talk about. For all
> know they've outlawed my favourite drink.  It had to happen sooner or
> everything I enjoy gets  cancelled.
> sourpuss,
> paul
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