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In a city that has a population of 80,000, there are two, count them, 2,  
groceries that carry red unsweetened grapefruit juice (I prefer it to the  
white).  I absolutely crave the stuff.  It's funny.  My Mom tells  me when she 
pregnant with me she craved grapefruits and ate them by the  gross.  Btw, I'm 
absolutely certain you can find unsweetened unadulterated  by anything 
grapefruit juice on-line -- you'd have to pay shipping, but try  Froogle.  
Julie Krueger
who would pay the shipping if it came to that

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>Uh oh. Grapefruit juice: If you're taking any meds,  especially any 
>psychotropics, check about possible  interactions.

I used to buy a bottle of unsweetened, yellow grapefruit  juice almost every 
morning. I LOVE it. For some reason, every variety store  around here has 
stopped selling it. I cannot get a good bottle of grapefruit  juice. They 
have this wussie, sweetened pink stuff, but that's not  grapefruit juice. I 
want the stuff that makes you look like Waylan's Madam  for a few seconds. 
I've gone back to having to work for my fix now --  actually eat a 
grapefruit. I'll bet somebody in the meddling Canadian  government found out 
about the interaction with drugs like Carol and Andy  talk about. For all I 
know they've outlawed my favourite drink. It had to  happen sooner or later, 
everything I enjoy gets  cancelled.


Paul  Stone
Kingsville, ON, Canada  

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