[openbeos] Re: news: development mailing list, distro guidelines

  • From: Simon Taylor <simontaylor1@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 20 May 2007 16:34:27 +0000

> From: "Jorge G. Mare (a.k.a. Koki)" <koki@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Haiku already has test images available (both HDD and VMWare); a demo 
> CD/image for a conference/seminar/etc. would only be an extension of 
> that, with the same intended audience but a bit more demonstrative of 
> what it can do, and better suited for the event or a non-English 
> audience where appropriate. Even if Haiku had an official base distro 
> today, that will not change the fact that it can be enhanced as a 
> demo/promo tool by a few harmless additions.

It's the definition of harmless that is the problem. If we want the name and 
logo to be associated with a high-quality, stable OS, we need to control what 
it gets attached to. Someone could, with the best of intentions, add some 3rd 
party driver that causes the CD not to boot on 70% of computers - we don't want 
them to be allowed to call that Haiku.

Perhaps we could follow a similar path as the "Haiku Compitible" initiative for 
pre-released code, and have a "Pre-Release Haiku Demo" badge which people 
meeting certain criteria could use (perhaps a plain vanilla SVN build, with 
non-critical (fonts and apps OK) 3rd party additions allowed). This badge and 
branding could even be applied to the nightly developmental builds to clarify 
their status.


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