[openbeos] Re: What about a demonstration kit ?

  • From: "Jorge G. Mare" <kokitomare@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2008 17:36:44 -0700


I think there is a misunderstanding: we are not talking about a Haiku demo distro, image or CD.

We are talking about a demo package with certain (email, people, audio and video) files, and perhaps queries and apps, that can be useful for the purpose demoing Haiku at conferences/shows/ug meetings, to friends at home, or to colleagues at the office.

There is absolutely no need to create yet another Haiku image/distro just for this; a ZIP package with all the demo files that people can download to their existing Haiku installation is just fine.



Karl vom Dorff wrote:
Could change the boot graphics to 'Haiku Demo Kit' and 'About' application and such... This is probably a definite must for something like this, to distinguish if from the official builds..

On Mon, Jun 23, 2008 at 7:58 PM, Karl vom Dorff <karl@xxxxxxxxxx <mailto:karl@xxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    I could take Senryu and convert it back to a Haiku disk image like
    it was before. Already contains a lot of applications that work,
    and is set up in an intuitive manner.

    Adding media to it would be easy, just tell me what you want to
    see on it, and I could probably have it done in a couple hours.

    I think along with it, you'd need to distribute a 'quick guide to
    Haiku' on the desktop...

    On Mon, Jun 23, 2008 at 6:20 PM, Lawrence Debow
    <led@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:led@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

        i have been lurking here watching and listening.  my company's
        BeOS background dates back many years but I am not a Developer
        (they have all moved on!) : (    with that said, what tools
        are required?  I would be very interested in doing this if the
        tools to be used are fairly user friendly, et al


        On Jun 23, 2008, at 3:49 PM, Olivier Coursière wrote:


                Do you want to volonteer ?  :)

            Well, not really : as i am a "potential" developper and as
            Jorge said, it could be an opportunity for a non
            developer. But, if we have less people at RMLL than at
            FOSDEM (i don't really hope so :-), i  will start creating
            and collecting files. I have already a few files from FOSDEM.

                I usually use this album from jamendo for my demos:

            Now, i understand why : Amiga one day, Amiga for ever :-)


-- Karl vom Dorff
    B.Sc (Hons) Biology, (German minor)


Karl vom Dorff
B.Sc (Hons) Biology, (German minor)


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