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        Mother-in-Law has not smoked in the last 15 or so years.  She is
breathing a little easier today.  However, they did find 3 masses one on the
adrenal gland in her chest, 2 on spine.  The doctors ordered four more tests
to determine the nature of the masses.  The two on the spine are small.  The
one on adrenal gland is just over 4 cm.  They are trying to ascertain that
the masses are benign.  She survived breast cancer approximately 20 years
ago.  She had to undergo double radical mastectomy.  She is needless to say
worried and upset.  I would appreciate prayers for her.  Her name is Sonja
Creel and she is 71.  Pray also for my wife, she is one of three children.
However, since Monday evening the other two have called and not come by.
This is kind of the norm; Linda my wife and Sonja's husband Marion provide
most of the care giving while the other two are quick to state opinions on
what needs to be done.  I have borrowed a line from my Pastor on this,
"That's a great idea, and since God has put it on your heart by all means
YOU should do it."      School work for daughter is at our choice.  We have
centered around two major textbook vendors.  From there, we have to submit
everything to our home school association, syllabus, and calendar for
approval at beginning of year and daily log at end of year.  We chose this
option because we wanted to control the content that was introduced to our
daughter and when specific things were introduced.  We for example
introduced the theory of evolution in ninth grade not sixth or seventh.  We
presented the facts refuting as well as supporting the theory when she was
old enough and had the foundation to make her own intelligent decisions.  We
also did not want there to be an availability of contraceptives to her, we
believe abstinence works best and is accordance to God's plan. 
        To be sure, some will label us and have labeled us fanatics.  That
is ok.  I prefer to try and act I accordance with what I believe is
consistent with God's will as evidenced in God's Word.  

Thank You, 
David L. Bailey

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Good morning handsome David 
Oh thank you for your birthday wishes.
There is always problems accur in life .
Please god lets hope now your wife's mother is ok david please keep updated
won't you?

Does she smoke?
hope not 
I have noticed such a lot of people who have smoke for years suffer from bad
even people who do not smoke can suffer due to other kinds of illness.
hope and pray she gets better David 

Should imagine your daughter has to do a lot of school work at home .
Is it very expensive teaching your own children at home?
Do you have to find some work yourself or does the school goveners send you
lots of paper work?

My nephew James was bullied in school from age of 7 right up to 15.
Had a terrible shocking time and now can you believe this,
he came tops he is very intelligent and brainy and yet he was very stressed
and miserable in School 

We are proud of him for becoming very intelligent and stuck it all out my
god when he left David it was as if an gargian angel has taking him aways
from all that bullying 
sound daft I know but oh it was such a lovely feeling for our James all that
stress went from his face and bad moods 
amazing isn't it?

Normally in some cases when children get bullied they are not interested in
life and do not want to learn but not our James 
We are all very proud of him 
He starts university in September 

bless my lovely nephew.
take care 
Love Carol x.x.x.x.

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Hi Carol, my Gorgeous British Beauty,

    Sending belated Birthday wishes!  Sorry for the delay.  It's been a busy
week.  I am trying to finish paperwork for school year for my daughter here.
She is home schooled.  My wife' mother has been in hospital since Sunday
evening with Chest pains.  Many tests later, they have found a mass in her
chest, calling in specialist as of PM Thursday.  Well back to emails and
paperwork.  Hope you have many returns on the birthday,

Thank You, 
David L. Bailey

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Good morning all my friends 
Thank you all for your birthday wishes 
I have aged over night now hahahahahaha extra wrinkles all over extra double
chin ,
my hair is now not dark brown but its pure gray now hahahehehehehehehe 
Dark brown last night though 

Right are you ready for all this 

got spoiled as per usual 

First of all tell you my family gifts first 
Julie and Wayne got me bath towels set in Turquoise two large ones they have
pink roses on side of border wow lovely two hand towels to match 
4 small turquoise flannels too 
£20 marks and spencer voucher 

James and mathew got me pink slippers with teddy bear in burgundy and box of
milk tray choclate and coaster with auntie on it the best auntie in the

Stella got me electric toothbrush and charger tray with it and necklas in
orange and silver as that is colurs out this year 
Carer Julia bought me salt and pepper set as motor bikes in black and red
girl and boy sat on bikes kissing side ways wow 
she got me box of terry all gold choclates too and argos voucher 
Vincent my brother gave me money so bought myself black shoulder bag oh wow 
Little kiddies such as hollie scarlotte and samuel all got me choclate teddy
bear and pendent with heart shaped in pink and silver 
Tommy sending me choclates and money 

Clare my friend on here sent me £20 in home made beautiful card got cake on
front on silver border flowers in corner and heart in foam beautifylly made 

Lynn rudge send me lovely shiny card and £10 boots voucher 

Caroline from Yorkshire sent me £10 in glitter flowers card and shiny heavy
teddy bear bag keyring that clicks on side of your shoulder bag its got pink
glitter heart in its tummy 
Phyllis on here sent me lovely gold shiny card cut out flower on top right 
Pat my friend off group sent me pale gray tee shirt with pink and dark red
roses on v neck and shiny card 

friend of mine sent me story book not sure yet need some one to raed it for
Amie julia's grandaughter got me pearl braceltte pink heart on and princess
card she made herself 
Jamie and Meghan clare's little neice and nephew made me card too lovely
butterfly all in foam different colured flowers on top and pompoms tiny ones
and feather on top its gorgeous 

Mrs and mr mould clare's parents sent me home made card too lovely got
flowers in middle few sequins on top silver dots on bottom  got lovely tiny
teddy on too its gorgeous all the cards are just amazing 
Elaine and simon too and auntie pearls is not home made one but lovely got
teddies in middle 

I got nightie off neighbour next door to our Julie they known me for years 

Got voucher off our michelle and mark 
and julie ann too 

Sue yates from liverpool bought me roger whittakar country and western cd
and lovely card 
My friend elaine sent me parcel supposed to be arriving today 

Malcolm on here got me fridge magnet posting it to me 
another friendKaron boylan is sending me card and prresent too 

Stan on here sent me lovely card from him and wife and cooling fan too 

another friend has sent me body creams and leather case from body shop
called wild rose  smells gorgeous wow 
got lots of cards 

Oh yes friend sent me 6 pair of nice knickers from marks and spencers and
nice top and card 
Hope you all like my presents and cards 

Love birthday girl carol x.x.x.x. 
never ending oh isn't that wonderful?
didn't I do well as Bruce forcyth use to say on the Genration game 

so definetely spoiled today 

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