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  • Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2012 16:56:53 -0000

Hi Carol. I do remember the parks. Good fun, we had a park near us with all the 
swings and slides and all the girls went on the slides showing there knickers. 
heeheehee I wonder if anyone on here remembers the swinging boats. It was like 
a big boat on a frame and you sat in it and pulled on the ropes and got it 
swing very fast and high. I think it held about ten or fifteen people at a 
time. And Carol don't forget the parky. He use to chase us all over the park. 
Good old days. And also the tennis courts and bowling greens and my favourite 
one was the putting green.

love Malcolm. xxx.

 Good morning sweet boy 
Oh Malcolm because nights will be longer now once cloks put forward then means 
takes longer for us to sleep 

Malcolm can you not enquire to see if you can get support workers to take you 
for long walk in your wheel chair outside 
phone your social workers up explaine your circumstances tell them you need to 
get out more 
might interst you as us blind people can't do anything interesting in the house 
at all 
so we get bored to tears 
I find being on computer for hours breaks my back too i get so stiff 
have to walk around my flat.

I am missing my carer like crazy now although she is on a weeks holiday 
can't wait now till she is back next week horray 
once nice weather comes going to ask her to take me for walk in park 
I am itching to have a go on a swing 
I know 
I am barmy but just fancy going on a swing 
never too old to try a swing out loved the park in my younger years 
Do you remember the rocking horse like long plank of wood head on beginging of 
horse bars all along 
oh loved the park 
round about wow they used to spin us round fast sick as a bloody dog 
loved the slide wow 
the monkey bars I used to hang upside down blood use to flow to my head wow 

then the sea saw wow 
good times in the park.
Love Carol x.x.x.x.

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