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  • Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2012 16:45:23 +0100

Hi Carol, that was very interesting about the Frank Taylor centre. I started of 
there too. But it was only once a week then. Is that the one off Brunswick 
Street Ardwick. let me know please.

love Malcolm. xxx
Good morning our cheeky boy on here. Thank you for your kind words on here to 
us all.  I got friends who lost dogs took them months Darran,but the main thing 
is,yu treasure your love that you both had together while it lasted.
Darran,its very hard I know but please try get your self together love because 
if you don't you could be waiting very long time for new Guide dog and the 
longer your waiting the more you become house bound we don't want that.

When I first went totally blind my depression made me stay in for whole 18 
months yes,that is right  very frighteneing but I knew if I didn't make a move 
nobody els weill at the end of the day it was up to me.
Somthing inside me snapped and said right come on Carol stop getting depressed 
make move or be depressed for rest of your life.
so after that social services got me in day centre for 4 years wow I was 
terrified  but felt better when my boyfriend Eric came their he held my hands 
on the mini bus we all got on and inside the building.
it was huge day centre 
Called Frank taylor centre 
it used to bee little primary school.
the hall and stage was still their class rooms were turned in to offices 
guess what after 6 month in their I got to love it so mum was thrilled at that 
time that I got all my confidence back once again 

it became she couldn't keep me in wow 
Oh that Frank taylor centre was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Staff their gave me long cane traning wow took for ever believe me.

did it in the end though 
very lot of help 
lots of staff in their 

Then we had craft room wow can't tell you how excited I was with that.
we made baskets in their where you have to wet the canes if yu know what I mean 
twist them make trays 
big job.

In one corner old ladies were all knitting in another corner disabled men were 
some had learning difficulties ah bless them painting very childish painting 
but they were so happy.
I could see shadows then and bright red and white 
so lucky then 
it was in year 1990 went blind in 1989 
still had light and dark but shadows then 

we all had craft room on monday Tuesday it was meeting Wednesday games day 
friday mobility lessons so yes in their 5 days a week.
9.30am to 3pm by time mini bus dropped us off i was home for gone just after 

We had barbecues in their huge garden and had christmas parties in their 
lots of people in wheelchairs.
blind in their 
men and ladies got age of  a 5 years old 
some had no limbs one in wheelchair had no legs loved painting.
one had no arms in wheelchair but loved chatting all the time 

some on cruches 
some ladies in their 50's got excited like children they were so happy 
it was just a wonderful centre till the council decided to close it all down 
everybody was all upset we campagned and got mps on to it posters to save our 
but no they closed it now car park 
guess what 
all them that were in weelchairs all went back in to their depression again 
they were all building new life in their 

Thought I would share that with you 
life at the end of tunnel Darran 
you have to reach out for that light and say 
Right that is it going to get on with my life 
take care 
Carol xxxx 

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