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Carol my friend in America have been known to have talked for eight hours at a 
time. Just lately I have been helping her to get through Tornado's and horrific 
thunder storms and floods.
And we put the world to rights. This last couple of weeks she's spent a lot of 
time in the cupboard, what she calls the closet. Because that's the safest 
place to be in a hurricane or tornado. I've I heard it while it was over her 
house and it sounds horrendous.

I won't com plane about our weather again. Did you hear on the news about the 
little girl from Hyde where I live went to America a couple of weeks ago and 
landed in the airport there right in the middle of a tornado but luckily she 
got to the hospital and had her operation and is home again and walking, which 
she had never done before. The roof of that hospital was ripped of completely 
just before they got there. Thank god she made it.

love Malcolm. xxxx.

Hyde, Cheshire,

skype name,

You Said.

Hi malcolm mate 
goodness what on earth do you talk abut hahahehehehehehe 5 hours wow to your 
american friend 
Everybody on here has had a nice relaxing day 

Busy week starts on Monday for all of us I expect 
Take care 
Love Carol x.x.x.x.

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