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  • Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2012 20:42:42 +0100

Forget the bloody tenniss and get back on this chat line. where you belong. 

love Malcolm. xxx

hi ann and margaret 
wow oh wow what a few couple of matches I enjoyed today 
well just seen this news i have just posted to you copied and pastied sent it 
just now 
Oh sherina williams beat that lady petra kvativolva 
oh god can't spell it now 
anyway she beat her by two sets 
6-3  7-5  my god that other girl petra got in ront on second set they got level 
such as 4 games all then sherina took over then 
she was on top form today 
tomorrow murray plays feddera tomorrow afternoon 
oh my god weill miss it 

well I was pissed off with all the stopping and starting due to rain 
happy bunny now though hahahahahaha 
to be perfectly honest i prefer stranger to win the trophy this saturday coming 
wow exciting event their 
if sherina williams win it on saturday it means her 5th wimbledon title 
so be nice for stranger to win 
do you remember wehn both sisters used to play for the title it wasn't the same 
seems odd watching two sisters win on same day 
you had no stranger to support 
things weill be different though this saturday please god it doesn't rain on 
Love Carol xxxx 

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