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  • Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2011 21:05:51 +0100

Glad you liked your magnet. I had to sneek it out of Scotland, I had to cross 
the boarder late at night, I couldn't see a thing and fell into the river. 
Luckerly I fell on a sharks head and knocked it out cold, so I got across ok. 

Glad you like it.

love Malcolm. xxxx.

Hyde, Cheshire,

skype name,

You Said.


thank you for putting my mind at rest thought he has died hahahehehehehe 
Yes been raeding some read 4 of them now very interesting indeed vanessa 
we learn a lot through stuff like that 
thank you.
Right Malcolm sweet boy hope your listening now 

i am demanding you to eat good breakfast 

lunch time have sandwiches and yogurt or cake or even fruit 

proper dinner at team time 
That is a very strict order mean that now 

i have got friends tall like you they look pale and weak because they put there 
computers first before there health 

now then do as your told ok 

Now vanessa sweet heart do me very special favour 
when tall thin unaurished malcolm comes to your house 
give him proper breakfast make him eat in day time 
give him good tea at night plenty of vegetables in him thank you 

wiell you do that for me please vanessa 
thank you get some bananas in too 
keep him eating make sure he does 
and doesn't put it all in doggy bag on the quiet to bring home for me 
Hey malcolm got beautiful fridge magnot wow its beautiful thank you ah nice of 
got box with hand bag and purses in but no name from anybody oh dear do not 
know who its off 
oh dear 
right going for my lovely tea now 
Love carol x.x.x.x.

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