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Yes Neville, how about the deeds to my house, everyone knows it belongs to me 
and my wife!

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  Thank you, Stavs.

  Just imagine Beethoven destroying his scores, such that they could never be 
played again, or Newton destroying all copies of the Principia Mathematica, or 
Boeing destroying the wiring diagrams for the 747-400.

  That's pretty (tick one):

         Stupid ?

         Careless ?

         Deliberate ?

  We know where the smart money is.

  By the way, after the Berlin Phil and Vlad have performed Jones' Piano 
Concerto Number 1, I'm going to need some spare paper to light the fire with. 
Any suggestions?


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    Nice reply Dad,

    At last a reply that makes sense. From my perspective, I could say that
    I’ve just written a piano concerto that took years to write, be really
    happy with the achievement and then destroy the entire score!


    On Mon, 03 Sep 2007 23:50:06 +0100, Neville Jones <njones@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    > Paul,
    > I could simply be wrong, that's true.
    > Now, will you admit and agree that you could simply be wrong?
    > These were my words yesterday, but they have solicited no response from 
    > you. It
    > is consideration of the fact that you seem incapable of comprehending a 
    > reality
    > other than what you are taught that explains why I am not going to 
    > continue a
    > pointless dialogue with you any further. To do so would be a waste of my 
    > time,
    > and I have more important things to do.
    > The only point I will pick up on, just because it is so glaringly 
    > obvious, is
    > your very poor example regarding my remembering what I was doing on 22 
    > Jan 1969.
    > Can you not see that the very reason that plans, reports, technical 
    > documents
    > and details ought to be kept is precisely the fact that people do not 
    > remember
    > such things over time? What you should have asked is whether I had kept 
    > things
    > that I had produced which were of some importance and value, at least to 
    > me. For
    > example, had I kept my Ph.D. Thesis? Had I kept Masters Theses? Had I 
    > kept the
    > source code to GU1? GU2? GU2.1? GU2.2? GU3.0? This is the real analogy 
    > and the
    > answer to all of those questions would have been 'yes'. Real 
    > achievements by the
    > American government agency, NASA, would likewise have been preserved I 
    > assure
    > you. It's really a lot less difficult and expensive than producing 
    > virtual
    > reality images.
    > :-)
    > Neville.


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