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  • Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2007 19:05:24 +0100

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  Now a significant percentage of missions end in resounding successes, and the 
usual GS response seems to be restricted to the simple unsubstantiated 
accusation that the HC fraternity is lying. That's just a tad difficult to 
swallow. It is also insulting to the hundreds of thousands of capable, 
industrious and dedicated people who labour daily to make these events happen.

  Paul D

  Dear Paul,

  I would like to comment here. You are quite right about it being insuting to 
the people engaged in the work, but it is not us who are insulting them but 
their employers. It's no different than all the people, who make a nice living, 
from the deception of evolution. Do you think that the people who who are all 
part of NASA etc would make a hallabaloo about being paid hansomely for being 
part of a con? There are some people who have taken a moral stance and blew 
whistles about their work but they are easily blanked out by the rest. 9/11 is 
a very good example of this and so are the Apollo missions. The evidence 
against them is overwhelming but the people who have the power, have enough of 
that power to just simply ignore protestations.

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