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Marc V
Here is my problem Marc.
HC says that Earth revolves around the Sun at a distance of 149.6 * 10^6 km; at 
a velocity of 29.78 km/s; in a CCW direction (looking from the North); 
Mars revolves around the Sun at a distance of 227.92 * 10^6 km; at a velocity 
of 24.13 km/s; in a CCW direction (looking from the North);
and has a solid thoretical framework to explain why this is so.
The difference is thus -5.65 km/s in velocity and 78.32 * 10^6 km between 
concentric, and essentially circular, orbits. 
On the other hand, GS says the Earth is stationary; 
Mars revolves (effectively) around the Earth in a CW direction (looking from 
the North); at distances varying from 78.32 * 10^6 km and 377.52 * 10^6 km; at 
velocities varying from (very roughly) 5.71 * 10^3 km/s and 27.53 * 10^3 km/s;
and has no explanation for these assumptions.
In the GS scenario, assuming we take the closest approach for a rendezvous, 
Mars is travelling in the opposite direction from that which the planners of 
the mission relied upon, at a velocity difference of 5.72 * 10^3 km/s + 5.65 
km/s = 5.73 * 10^3 km/s. This is roughly Earth escape velocity -- a large 
percentage of the maximum capability of our best launch vehicles -- about 1000 
times the velocity difference expected and in the opposite direction! Should 
the GS position be the truth, the chances of a successful rendezvous, if the 
mission is based on HC data, are zilch, zippo, nil.
Now a significant percentage of missions end in resounding successes, and the 
usual GS response seems to be restricted to the simple unsubstantiated 
accusation that the HC fraternity is lying. That's just a tad difficult to 
swallow. It is also insulting to the hundreds of thousands of capable, 
industrious and dedicated people who labour daily to make these events happen.
Paul D
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Thank you Paul for the information. However, we have good reasons to believe 
that both HC and GC could be symmetrical and geometrically interchangeable. So, 
no matter how many proofs you find to confirm your theory (HC), it doesn't 
prove the theory is true! I am not aware of any proof that prove GC to be 
I know that in the mind of many scientists (and probably in yours), HC is a 
fact, not a theory that could be false! But this is due to a state of confusion 
between beliefs and facts. 
Marc V. 
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Marc V 
I can't address all of them but I'll have a go at one. 
3) The accurately charted paths of numerous space probes which have 
visited all 8 planets in the solar system. I don't see where is the problem for 
The people who plan these missions depend on the approx 66000mph velocity of 
the Earth in its orbit for success. If it wasn't there then such missions would 
all fail. Additionally, I don't think any vehicle is even capable of achieving 
just 66000mph let alone 66000 + 25000mph. 
Paul D

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