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Your comment has been adequately and ably answered by Jack, though I very much doubt that you will stop for even a moment in your blinkered vision of the reality in which we live. (I am going from earliest postings to latest, so I may be touching on something which has already been covered.)

Let me ask you a question, though. You no doubt remember the NASA television programmes regarding the alleged Apollo landings.  Recall the rows and rows of computer monitors, each with a bespectacled man. These men were not operators, they were watchers. Watchers of the monitors. Each man had a notepad and a pencil, just like in "Capricorn One." The men were all very concentrated and focussed on their monitor. Very professional looking. Each would write down something on his pad now and again. Probably numbers off the screen. Each had been instructed to watch for a particular character string and write down each occurrence of it. No one is claiming that all these men, nor even one of them, was dishonest. It is clear that they thought themselves contributing in a very real way to the success of the 'mission'. But the question is:

What the hell were they doing this for? (Note especially that a computer program would do this task with 100% reliability.)

Just a thought. Just one example of many.


PS In anticipation of your response, could it not have been orchestrated for visual effect? (NASA/Disney/Hollywood are masters of duping the masses with visual effects.)

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Now a significant percentage of missions end in resounding successes, and the usual GS response seems to be restricted to the simple unsubstantiated accusation that the HC fraternity is lying. That's just a tad difficult to swallow. It is also insulting to the hundreds of thousands of capable, industrious and dedicated people who labour daily to make these events happen.

Paul D

Dear Paul,

I would like to comment here. You are quite right about it being insuting to the people engaged in the work, but it is not us who are insulting them but their employers. It's no different than all the people, who make a nice living, from the deception of evolution. Do you think that the people who who are all part of NASA etc would make a hallabaloo about being paid hansomely for being part of a con? There are some people who have taken a moral stance and blew whistles about their work but they are easily blanked out by the rest. 9/11 is a very good example of this and so are the Apollo missions. The evidence against them is overwhelming but the people who have the power, have enough of that power to just simply ignore protestations. Jack 

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