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Dear Paul,
There are numerous websites which decimate all photographic imagery plus a lot 
of seudo science. So if the photos are contrived, what were all those men 
sitting in front of monitors really doing? Why don't you look at this evidence? 
I did at a time when I didn't want to believe that it could have been a hoax 
but as much as tried to ignore the critics, my common sense told me the critics 
were right. And since then the evidence against the moon landings increases. 
Would you like me to give you a link to just one of these sites? 

Let me ask you a question. Why was it necessary for NASA to rehearse 
Armstrong's decent of the ladder in a studio set that looked exactly like the 
'real thing'? During this rehearsal a light gantry collapsed behind Armstrong 
and he remarked, " I suppose we need to do that again" or words to that effect. 
I can provide you with a link to the video - if you are interested.

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  Concerning your description of the NASA Apollo control room. 'Fairy story' is 
the most charitable assessment I can make; the most common would be paranoia. 
You are alleging conspiracy are you not? The one thing missing from all 
accusations of this kind is any credible basis for such a claim. And to top it 
off, as has been remarked many times -- it would have been easier to do the 
deed than to pretend to do the deed. What man willingly makes work for himself?
  Paul D

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