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Strike two: you totally missed the point again !  I never contested the 
possibilities that an observer on Mars (or any other planets) could observe the 
Sunrise and Sunset.  My point is that only the Earth has physical life and 
physical intelligent beings living on it.  And this is a good physical reason 
to give a bias to the Earth based observer.  If you don't agree with this, it 
is because you are blinded to the core !
Marc V.

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Marc V
I apologise if I appeared to snap at you -- my intention was only to bring 
things back to the academic. I too have trouble with what you believe (about 
how the universe works) but I prefer to believe that the problem is that the 
scientific method has simply not been properly explained to you
Concerning the matter of 'physical reasons' why an Earth based observer should 
be believed over a -- for instance -- Mars observer however, I have a problem. 
You don't actually have to be there to determine what you will see. From 
hundreds of years of telescope observations we know where it will be at any 
particular date and which half will be in daylight and which in darkness at any 
given time. We know from similar observations what the axial tilt with respect 
to its orbital plane is and the angle between Mars' orbit and the ecliptic. We 
know at any instant whether the observer in the northern hemisphere is looking 
forward to the Vernal Equinox or the Autumnal Equinox. We know which 
constellation will be at the observer's zenith at midnight. By using geometry, 
it is possible to determine what the sky will look like with considerable 
confidence thus -- should the observer be un-schooled in these matters -- it 
would be easy to understand why he could come to the conclusion that Mars is at 
the centre of the Universe, immovable and with the whole universe revolving 
around him.
As an exercise, try reading the short description below, think about it -- you 
know, shut your eyes and imagine yourself in the picture so to speak, and tell 
me if you don't see what I'm getting at. For this exercise you don't even need 
a telescope, but functional eyes would definately be an advantage! |[:-)

If you lived on the Moon, at about its equator and on the zero degree longitude 
meridian, ie, about the centre of the disk visible from Earth, then 
approximately directly overhead, you would see the Earth, more or less fixed in 
one place. In addition, you would see the Sun come up over the eastern horizon 
approximately every 2,551,390 seconds (one luna solar day), and you would see 
the same star come up over the eastern horizon approximately every 2,360,620 
seconds (one lunar sideral day). During the solar day, you would see the earth 
wane once through all phases from a full disk, to gibbous, half, cresent and 
new before waxing through new, cresent and half, to gibbous before arriving 
back at full. During this same period, you would also observe the Earth rotate 
on its axis approximately 29.53 times (29.53 Earth solar days).
Further more, if you had been born on the Moon, from parents who came from a 
long line of Selenite antecedants, you may well have grown up believing that 
the Moon and the Earth are joined by some invisible rod or bar, and that this 
pair of bodies are stationary in the universe (save for the Earth's rotations) 
while the Sun revolves around the Moon/Earth system every 2,551,390 seconds 
(29.53 Earth solar days) approximately, and the stars revolve around the 
Moon/Earth system every 2,360,620 seconds (27.32 Earth solar days) 
approximately. After all - what you see is what you get - your senses tell you 
this is so and a suitably placed and operated camera will confirm what you see.

Paul D

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