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  • Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2007 16:57:15 +0000 (GMT)

Philip M
Hey! You're trying to swamp me (and pretty much succeeding). I have to start 
getting to bed before you wake up so just a few comments. Big and Bold to make 
it easy for you.
The truth about your skepticism is simply this -- you don't believe because you 
don't want to believe. Put in the positive -- you want to not believe. Why this 
is so almost defies belief but confronted by the reality of it I must believe.
Paul D
I want to believe Paul.. but this does not make me shrink from skepticism when 
I see funny business.. or even a good valid political imperative to fake a head 
start. In fact when I was at woomera, there was open discussion about how 
second rate to russia we were, and a faked mission would not have surprised 
Are you aware of the recent stir on this very subject from China. China has 
announced an intent to launch a photo mapping survey of the moon, both sides. 
China maintains there are differences between Russian and US stories.. They 
also added in, almost as if the were inferring a hoax, that the quality of the 
pics will be able to confirm the appollo site relics in high definition.. No 
enthusiasm from NASA over this announcement.. I look forward to that!
Of course not from me either, as I do not doubt that China is just as much 
under the "zionist" jackboot as we are, and when push comes to shove they will 
back down, like Russia does, and will when we bushwhack Iran. Mind you as the 
US crumbles, ( by design) the hoax truth if it is true, will become an open 
joke, and it won't matter to Zion any more for the truth to out.. China seems 
to be set to becoming the new empire.. 
Paul said, Well as I've remarked before, I don't care to ride in an aeroplane 
whose design process included random properties, supernatural or otherwise. 
Very weak paul. We are discussing theoretical physics not applied engineering. 
The motors and the toasters worked long before nuclear physics influenced 
electrical theory. Just as many machines worked wonderfully before Newton. 
and I laughed at this.... 
I'm sorry Philip but I dissagree with you here at a fundamental level. Every 
time you pass through a busy intersection with the green light, you are 
trusting those at right angles to not run a red light. We all trust others 
every day. If you don't, you would be afraid to step outside. On the other 
hand, to stay inside is to trust the builder of your house. And if you don't 
trust, you will eventually give offense. Just spare a thought for how many 
times you are not hurt, dissappointed etc before remembering how many times you 
I guess I meant trust at the fundamental "In god we trust" level of its meaning 
not the practical application. I prefer to use the word "gamble" as regards an 
intersection, or a zebra crossing. I look apprehensively, even when I got a 
green light.. And if I get rammed, I can still say, God's will be done. In that 
I can trust.." 
I always smell the food or utensils provided by my wife before I put same in my 
mouth. If that causes her offense, thats her fault and her problem. I insist on 
me being my own driver. And with todays level of "care" I would never fly.. 
Hey Paul... Note the date..2002.. Plenty of time to update and FIX all the 
anomalies raised by the hoax people.. I expected a smilie here ...
Just shows how unreliable evidence can be today for either side. But why would 
anybody SET OUT to prove a hoax, unless something really showed up as 
incongruous.? Prove the claims have substance or prove that they do not?
My personal reason differs from those of the others here.. And I say, they 
still will not, and can not send any man to the moon, not unless they get some 
of that new free energy technology that can lift off several tons of lead 
shielding .. You may not be convinced but I'm pretty sure there is some 
explanation at clavius.org on this. Sounded reasonable to me.
Why look for complication, [ My point exactly! ] where the simple answer well 
tried is already available.. And I might ask, more " appropriate" for whom and 
for what? Do we then only take on research that is appropriate? Philip please 
try to be a bit more generous in your judgement about which word I use. Surely 
by now you understand that I don't use trickey word choices to try to sink you?
Your point is not well made then. How can simply accepting the aether be more 
complicated than the science of Einstein, and all of his modified complexity to 
balance equations, to justify all the anomalies that ocurred in the 
developement of special relativity? Which by the way I challenge many in the 
PhD class to understand even today. I don't speak Einstein and there is no 
definitive demonstrated model of aether so I don't know. I simply can't abide 
the cavalier dismissal of a model which works, is accurate, has a strong 
theoretical (Newtonian) foundation and which has had no fatal flaw demonstrated 
on not much more than a whim.
That the aether might EXPLAIN gravity, inertia, and mass, and even turn it all 
upside down according to presently accepted science, causes no complication, 
because, (a.) these things are not currently explained at all, [ matter 
attracts matter is no explanation of gravity. ]and (b.) such change in the 
philosophy of science would not change a single application of science to 
engineering practise as is currently employed. The ripple would have as much 
effect as did the electron theory to the convention of signs +ve and -ve in 
applied electricity. It did however open up a whole new era of progress. If it 
can explain these phenomena I'll vote for it. But again, the Newtonian model 
does not depend for its utility upon this understanding -- only upon its 
No! I did not assume your tricky words were used to sink anyone. Except perhaps 
unknowingly yourself. In todays world a modern definition of antisemitic is one 
who believes anything which a Jew does not accept to be true or agree with. You 
might say this is inappropriate. I say it is the practical truth . And the 
attitude is well spread. This is why I can safely say, an anti-Catholic is one 
who believes anything which a Catholic does not accept to be true or agree 
of course I forgot.. It is not "appropriate" for modern science to allow random 
supernatural properties into the equation because random is not quantifiable. 
.. That does not make them untrue though does it. Well as I've remarked before, 
I don't care to ride in an aeroplane whose design process included random 
properties, supernatural or otherwise.PD 
But would you buy a ticket for a particular flight if a friend who was known 
for some accurate predictions, told you of a forboding about that particular 
flight? How do you explain the enormous number of people who went absent from 
work on that day of 9 11? Reported as unprecedented.. There have been many 
studies which show that there is no such thing as 'accurate predictions'. I'd 
like to think I'd just get on the plane and go without a qualm but I might have 
to suppress some unease. I don't know why but we are a nervous species. We 
probably inherited it from our ancient ancestors -- just look at how chimps, 
baboons etc -- among others -- behave at a water hole -- especially if there 
are crocks in it!
Now the rationalists said it was proof of a conspiracy.. The New agers will say 
its proof of the supernatural... 
Now I dispense with both alone.. So many could not be part of a conspiracy. But 
many camp followers may have followed discernment based on rumours. But some 
were based on pure forboding of a bad feeling of impending danger. Unexplained. 
Two I think reported direct communication from God.. Then there is always the 
hysteria of after the event. But like I said... Absentees were phenomenal, 
particularly among the Israelis working there... I checked this but got no 
credible responses. I especially expected to find something on Snopes -- but 
no! Puzzling.
hmmm check it out.. You will not get the truth on local TV.. You should get 
your priorities in order, cancel TV and sell it and get Utube video before it 
gets banned... which they are rushing to do.. Yes its 90% rubbish and 10 % 
truth.. But its that 10 which never gets to national TV.. banned already. 
Paul D

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