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Ahhh, Paul, you say that it has "been remarked many times ... that it is easier to do the deed," but I would say that this has never been remarked by me. I have always maintained that it is fundamentally impossible to do the deed, and therefore the choice becomes one of pretending to do the deed or admitting that one cannot do the deed.


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Neville J

Hope you enjoyed your break. You certainly appear invigorated! However --

1. Princess Diana was an uneducated nutter.
2. Jesus was a spaceman.
3. 8 foot tall gray people living under Denver airport. (Every knows that they are really orange.)
-- none of these items meets the definition of conspiracy.

Concerning your description of the NASA Apollo control room. 'Fairy story' is the most charitable assessment I can make; the most common would be paranoia. You are alleging conspiracy are you not? The one thing missing from all accusations of this kind is any credible basis for such a claim. And to top it off, as has been remarked many times -- it would have been easier to do the deed than to pretend to do the deed. What man willingly makes work for himself?

Paul D

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