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  • From: Mayrie ReNae <mrenae@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2007 06:18:42 -0700

Hi Jamie!

I think that what people are saying is that the em dash doesn't translate properly in the braille produced by the Bookshare tools, and they don't mind that. The double hyphens, they seem to be saying, translate to the proper braille representation of the em dash. I think the hope is that if we leave the em dashes alone the Bookshare tools will be updated some day, and the files which don't have the long dashes in braille will be retranslated then. Maybe I'm interpreting things incorrectly, but that seems to be what I'm hearing.


At 04:38 AM 10/24/2007, you wrote:
Ok I guess I am still confused about the em dash situation. It doesn't translate properly but that's ok?

I don't care either way but I just want what I scan to be right.

Jamie in Michigan
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