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Sorry, Sue, but I've never seen a Bookshare book with the two hyphens that 
are supposed to be there when an em dash is translated into Braille. I don't 
think the Bookshare Braille translator handles the em dash properly.

Even so, I generally leave them the way they appear in the print book 
instead of changing them to two hyphens, which would make them appear as 
they should in the Braille version; although, I admit to a bit of 
ambivalence about this.


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  Hi Jamie,

  On my Braille display when I turn on Grade II, that em-dash looks like 
three dashes or hyphens, but it seems to translate okay with the bookshare 
braille translator.

  Hope that helps,

  Sue S.

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  I just wanted to make sure that the em dash correctly translates into 
Braille. I know not all characters do. And I know that there was recent 
discussion about it but I have to confess I really didn't pay enough 
attention to it.

  I figured I could look it up in the manual. Some books use tons of em 

  Jamie in Michigan
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