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Some do.  I very distinctly remember seeing "portrait of a Lady" over
and over and over again on my BN display when reading it from web
braille, and I know that hasn't been the only book with them.

Sarah Van Oosterwijck

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> I do most of my reading on the BrailleNote with web braille books and
> although they have page numbers, they do not have the title except at
> beginning of the book.
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> > Mary, I must point out that your statement is not actually true.
> > must have just learned to ignore the headers because they certainly
> > present in braille books.  They all have page numbers and the title
> > the book at the top of each page.  Since braille pages usually
> > less than print pages the headers and page numbers cause even more
> > clutter than they would in a scanned book, and they are also present
> > web braille books.
> >
> > I suggest people strip the headers themselves if they don't like
> > They can do it by searching for the words in the running headers or
> > using their own software to do it.  I have also found it amazing
> > how much can be ignored if you get used to it.
> >
> > That doesn't mean I would reject books that don't have headers, but
> > kill them if they are there and could be useful.
> >
> >
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