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Actually I like the chapter headings, too.  I hate not knowing when one
chapter ends and another beings ... it's really annoying.  About as bad as
bad formatting on excellent-rated materials.  as in, no paragraphs, all one
ling line of text basically on some books.  Or where there are paragraphs,
it's inconsistent.
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> Shelly, retention of chapter headings is not always as easy as it should
be. I just discovered, to my disgust, that even the careful stripper in k1k
sometimes takes chapter headings with it. I have an almost perfect book
> here that could be submitted. I read it through and fixed a few errors
along the way, so I know the text is as good as it gets when proofread with
speech. No junk characters. The whole book is there. But the stripper
> took even chapter headings for some reason I don't understand. Now, I'm
not going to put those back. I don't have the book any more. So, I have two
choices. Submit the book and let people have access to
> excellent quality text, or never mind. I've read it after all, so its not
going to matter to me. And if the next guy wants the book, he/she can just
scan it him/herself.  I'm tempted to submit with a note saying that the
> chapter headings got stripped. But I haven't decided, given the present
trend, at least on this list, with respect to the seeming over-arching
import of such things.
> mary

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