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Yep.  Being born in a garage doesn’t make that baby a mechanic does it?  Same 
goes with going to church all your life.  Until certain actual decisions are 
made you are just a church goer and not necessarily a Christian.  

Being in a building when death comes doesn’t mean you are necessarily saved 
because death will come anyway, how many people die inside hospitals?  They 
still die, but it’s other decisions before that determine one of the two major 
paths involving eternity.  

Yes those are long views.  And there is definitely a projection thing on their 
part.  Just keep doing what you’re doing, they will continue to make their own 
mistakes, and if they don’t learn those mistakes will likely get larger and 
worse, it seems to happen that way.  They are enjoying the song they requested 
from the piper, we all do in some way or other, but eventually the piper will 
have to be paid.  

> On Dec 9, 2014, at 2:25 PM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I have a much more in-depth analysis of the situation that surrounds the fact 
> that they have no control over what we do since we don’t borrow money from 
> them, but the ones that do borrow money from them they run through the mud. I 
> personally after a careful analysis have come to the conclusion that they are 
> dealing with an internal strife especially since according to them we are 
> holier than thou and step mom’s parents were missionaries and Amanda’s dad 
> grew up in the church with his mom being the church secretary, but they live 
> their life nothing like I can imagine she grew up with and since we go to 
> church we have been dubbed the holier than thou crowd. Oh well, God has an 
> interesting way of bringing us back to where he wants us regardless of how 
> hard we fight it. I am by far not a so-called Bible thumper, but apparently 
> something radiates from me that is good *lol*.          
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> It sounds like it did, and they wanted to try to save the P R part of it at 
> the last, and well, it just wasn’t bought.  
>> On Dec 9, 2014, at 8:51 AM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx 
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>> Family issues, Amanda’s step-mom at the birthday party made the comment that 
>> we will have to get together all of us and decide on when to have the 
>> Christmas at their house. The next thing we hear about it is, Amanda 
>> received a text telling us that it will be on Christmas Eve at 3:00 and 
>> asked if we could come. That day I messaged my dad and mom and told them 
>> when they were planning on doing theirs. My mom asked if they could possibly 
>> do it at an earlier time in the day, Amanda texted and asked if it could be 
>> earlier than 3:00. She received the response that they were doing it at 3:00 
>> and that my dad and mom could do theirs later in the day. We relayed the 
>> message and so ours is now at noon over at my dad and mom’s. Amanda relayed 
>> the message to her step-mom and it is kind of funny their attempt to once 
>> again control the situation. After Amanda sent the message and let her know 
>> that the time had been set over at my dad and mom’s and that we would be 
>> late, her step-mom sent a message and asked how much earlier would we like 
>> to have it. We, think that 3:00 takes the entire day for the most part. 
>> However, in order to avoid letting them dictate that we have it after theirs 
>> we said no, just keep it at 3:00, they have already set theirs to 12 to 
>> accommodate. I believe it was spiteful what they were doing, but I also 
>> think that it blew up in their face.     
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>> Hello,
>>   How is everyone doing? I have not seen any post from the list in a few 
>> weeks now. I am wondering if I have not gotten myself booted somehow 
>> unintentionally. I guess the last I seen any post was Tom and I interacting 
>> about the family issues. The issues are not a hundred percent, but I do feel 
>> that since Amanda stood up and stood her ground we have gotten more respect. 
>> Now, it seems as though we are actualy people and not servants. However, 
>> that could change at any moment. Well, we have our prequalification letter 
>> and have found a few houses that we are interested in. We have to call 
>> tomorrow and get a real estate agent. Getting the prequal was a bit ofa 
>> hassle though. Today Amanda and I went and bought little man some birthday 
>> presents and got his location reserved. Sometime this week we have to get 
>> the invitations filled-out. Amanda and I are in the home stretch of the 
>> semester and everything seems to be going alright. I am in one class where I 
>> will not know if I passed or failed until the final grade comes out since 
>> 50% of the points aren’t going to be figured until the end of the semester. 
>> Amanda as far as I know is doing fine in her classes, she has some projects 
>> that she is working on, but I belive they are going fine. So, as always we 
>> have a ton of things going on, but little time *LOL*. Have a good one and I 
>> hope to be able to read some list traffic here in a few days. Take care and 
>> chat later.      

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