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This list is both a pen-pal and chat list based on but not soly the sending of audio letters whether digitally or via snail-mail. It is not compulsory that members do audio letters, but it is strongly encouraged, for those who can't or are to shy though we feel you should participate via e-mail at least. Members who are involved with podcasting, internet streaming audio, or audio producing that they wish to share with the membership of the list are free to advertise such activities at any time. Groups advertising day is all day on Fridays. This is a pen-pal list though, not a dating site, so such activity between members should be conducted off list. No spam, no flaming, but understand that generally we as a membership do tend to be rather sarcastic in nature, and a lot of teasing among us does take place. Also traffic levels can be high at times and individuals are encouraged to try digest mode if possible if volume of mail gets high, or pick and choose what to answer to. As far as ownership is concerned the list is available for all ages, so keep it at least relatively clean language wise. We encourage people from all Nationalities and races to be here. English is the primary language, however it's understood that some may use English as second language, we do understand that and will be pretty tolerant of that. Otherwise come on in and have fun, stress and drama are discouraged though, but despite our teasing of each other we also band around our members to support them, so making jokes about the reason someone is having serious trouble won't go over very well.

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