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  • From: Thomas McMahan <shadowmonstrosity@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2014 04:13:48 -0600

Now we know where all the heat went, so can you send a little back this way?  
*lol*.  We’ve spent most of the week at 20 degrees or under up until Wednesday 
which did get up to 33 briefly.  That then brought on snow flurry activity.  
They say Sunday will be up to 50.  We might not know what to do with that 
anymore *lol*.  Next week is supposed to be more moderate at least though.  But 
record cold this week.  Might be an interesting winter.  Already is for the 
people in Buffalo I guess.  They really must have annoyed Liz because for a 
good while they were getting 4 inches of snow per hour.  Maybe Liz was testing 
a new machine, or a new magic.  Liz has been really quiet lately come to think 
about it, but then again we’ve all been quiet haven’t we?  

Well Suzi as I mentioned in e-mail back to you off list I’m glad no cancer was 
there.  My father had one of those on his back and he scraped it and it 
wouldn’t heal, they removed it but it was cancerous.  He was about to start 
treatments when he had his aneurys, that is what did him in though.  Likely 
with a little treatment they would have taken care of the cancer, but the other 
happened instead, not to long after his surgery to remove it.  

Well I think I am not the only one who has gotten up, think the Pat is up and 
roaming around too now.  Should go see what kind of trouble she wants to get 
into *lol*.  

> On Nov 20, 2014, at 1:05 AM, Susan Waaga <s_waaga@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Like Tom said.............I did email him last week only because I forgot 
> which group was more active as I haven't seen any group messages for a while. 
> We are supposedly be at the end of spring in Australia but summer hit really 
> early for most cities of the country.  On Sunday we had temperatures in the 
> early 40s. What a scorcher!  I was out all day and when I got home it felt 
> like I walked straight into a hot oven. Yesterday most of the south east 
> copped a good thunderstorm after school.  Some areas had more damage then 
> others!  Either they had flash flooding, power out or trees uprooted.  We 
> were quite lucky here and only had the tail end of the storm 1 and 2.
> October was more a quieter month with activities.  I was recovering from a 
> winter flu!  Even six weeks later I still have the cough. And now my mother 
> just started the flu I gave to her.  She had other health issues too!!  Also 
> I had two moles removed and thankfully I don't have skin cancer.
> Now it's past half way into November.  The year 12 students will finish up 
> this week.  My eldest daughter finishes school for the year next Friday.  She 
> supposedly to attend to an academic awards at school last night but she was 
> at home sick. Last week Rachel was performing for a year 12 SEU graduation at 
> her school.  
> Better go as I have dinner to think about cooking soon.  Have a good 
> day/night! Suzi
> On Tuesday, 18 November 2014, 2:59, Liz Lawson <smileyliz@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi everyone I am still around been keeping busy doing the salvation army 
> campain for November and December and going through and getting rid of stuff 
> here ready to move to British Columbia hopefully in the summer with my 
> boyfriend Roy soon to be fiancee well in February when I am there next am 
> tpld he will be 
> Liz
>  2014-11-17 11:25 AM, BethAnn LaPresta (Redacted sender bela28_02@xxxxxxxxx 
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>> Hi everyone.  Nothing exciting on this end, just working and trying to do 
>> some projects around the house for the appraisal...trying to refinance and 
>> get some cash out of the house to pay for it all.   LOL
>> My oldest turned 29 on Friday and apparently ate the entire jello cake 
>> yesterday (with the exception of 3 pieces I made him share with his 
>> friends/brother).  The Seattle Seahawks lost, so I left right after that to 
>> avoid the inevitable "crabby" that would be expressed about the loss.
>> Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!
>> BethAnn
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>> <audio-pals@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
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>> Sent: Sunday, November 16, 2014 10:35 PM
>> Subject: [audio-pals] Re: Ghost Town
>> Hello, Josh and Tom.  Everything is okay here in snowy Ohio.  The snow is 
>> coming down here and I am looking forward to going out and playing in it 
>> with Selah.  well, she will play...I wouldn't do anything so childish as 
>> that...lol
>> Hope everyone who celebraates it, has a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving.  
>> No turkey here of course...can't trust it.  chicken and dumplings here for 
>> us.  The store killed chicken little for this dish not me!!!!
>> Hugs to you Bethie!!!!!  Happy birthday to my oldest nephew who just turned 
>> 29.  OMG, I'm old.  Who let them grow up?  
>> Sent from my iPhone
>> On Nov 16, 2014, at 11:56 PM, Thomas McMahan <shadowmonstrosity@xxxxxxx 
>> <applewebdata://4F913F1A-3265-4D06-98FB-D5124EF500DC>> wrote:
>> Nope you’re still in the list and so should everybody else bee, it’s just 
>> been dead quiet lately.  
>> Heather probably has the bus running again and she and George and Pete and 
>> who knows who else are probably driving around and stopping at Wal-marts in 
>> Canada again trying to get Liz’s attention.  But I’m not sure they are going 
>> to get Liz’s attention *lol*.  
>> Got an e-mail from Suzi off list so know she’s alive too.  BethAnn might be 
>> doing another batch of sessions of closet rap for her next album release or 
>> something, or she’s waiting to sell you a house Josh.  It might be “the 
>> perfect place.”  Or maybe not depends on who’s standard of perfection is 
>> being used perhaps.  
>> Don’t know about Don.  Danny though is alive and well, eating lots and lots 
>> of cream corn, well probably every meal he eats is cream corn, because he 
>> doesn’t like it so he has been placed into the cream corn factor.  
>> Patti continues to improve bit by bit, gets a little more talkative over 
>> time at times.  She has a couple of appointments coming in December, one is 
>> physical, the other is the Neurologist.  But I’m thinking generally things 
>> will be going in the right direction for her as afar as they are concerned.  
>>> On Nov 16, 2014, at 10:20 PM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx 
>>> <applewebdata://4F913F1A-3265-4D06-98FB-D5124EF500DC>> wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>>   How is everyone doing? I have not seen any post from the list in a few 
>>> weeks now. I am wondering if I have not gotten myself booted somehow 
>>> unintentionally. I guess the last I seen any post was Tom and I interacting 
>>> about the family issues. The issues are not a hundred percent, but I do 
>>> feel that since Amanda stood up and stood her ground we have gotten more 
>>> respect. Now, it seems as though we are actualy people and not servants. 
>>> However, that could change at any moment. Well, we have our 
>>> prequalification letter and have found a few houses that we are interested 
>>> in. We have to call tomorrow and get a real estate agent. Getting the 
>>> prequal was a bit ofa hassle though. Today Amanda and I went and bought 
>>> little man some birthday presents and got his location reserved. Sometime 
>>> this week we have to get the invitations filled-out. Amanda and I are in 
>>> the home stretch of the semester and everything seems to be going alright. 
>>> I am in one class where I will not know if I passed or failed until the 
>>> final grade comes out since 50% of the points aren’t going to be figured 
>>> until the end of the semester. Amanda as far as I know is doing fine in her 
>>> classes, she has some projects that she is working on, but I belive they 
>>> are going fine. So, as always we have a ton of things going on, but little 
>>> time *LOL*. Have a good one and I hope to be able to read some list traffic 
>>> here in a few days. Take care and chat later.      
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